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Bring a sporty spirit to the Christmas stage with this flexible, action-packed kids’ play! Pulling Santa’s sleigh is hard work.  Even reindeer have to hang up the reins eventually.  So, when team leader Dasher decides to retire, coaches Kris and Carol Kringle host the Reindeer Games to find the next member of Santa’s reindeer crew — known as the Nifty Nine.

Eager reindeer recruits showcase their talents in a series of easy-to-stage games.  But these aren’t your typical winter events, nor are these your typical competitors.  Alongside fast, strong and nimble jocks is a brainy tech geek, a lost chef looking for a cooking competition, a chipper cheerleader, and a lingo-slinging international snowboarder.  The all-star quarterback has a tender secret talent, and one competitor looks curiously like a moose!

But before Coach Kris can announce the newest crewmember, the original Nifty Nine make a cameo appearance — with a surprise announcement!  Turns out there are no “losers” when you’re on Santa’s nice list.  And by lifting one another up, the New Nifty Nine all get a chance to fly with the Big Guy!

Show Dates: (Buy Tickets Here)
December 2nd (Fri), 3rd (Sat) at 7pm.  Sunday December 4th at 3pm.
December 9th (Fri), 10th (Sat) at 7pm.  Sunday August 11th at 3pm.